My adventure with Westi has been begun in 2000 year, then, I did not have notion about race (breed), and I knew nothing about her, I wanted to own small white dog. Then, it has appeared in my house first girl breed West highland white terrier CAPATARIDA, from cultivating of dog Spanga , called at home Isia. She is most important female in my house, by the rest of dog recognized for guide of herd.

Isia has gotten titles:


Champion of Poland

Best Bitch Dobre Miasto '04

3x CWC
CWC - Wrocław2003r.

CWC - Rybnik 2003r.
CWC - Dobre Miasto 2004r.

In 2002 year it has affixed to me second female Joyce, from cultivating Urwiska Szkocji belong to Nina Perek. Really, from Joyce so begin interesting race and exhibitions. Joyce has begun her career from small puppy dog on exhibitions in whole Poland showed.

Joyce has gotten titles:

Best of Grup III Ostroda 03'
Best of Group III Totun 06'

Best Bitch Torun 2006r.

Best Bitch Ostróda 2003r.

3 x CWC

2 x BOB
Junior winner Głogów ‘03
Junior winner Inowrocław ‘03

Best puppy Rybnik '02

From associating ‘F’ Joyce and Maveriks Fargo become in cultivating Fiona Białą Osa. This associating of dog has given me very valuable acquaintance with Teresa Schwaizer. Teresa has instructed me as correctly progress with robe westi! I am very thankful so huge assistance too and valuable indicators on concerning look westi. Fiona has been born in 2004 year, ashe is youngest then others and she is most titled. From 6 month of life exposed. On exhibition in Poznań Fiona has finished Polish Youth Championat, receiving Youth Victorious Polish title. She have finish Polish Championat in about 2 years. On European Exhibition in Helsinki, Fiona showed in indirect class has gotten beautiful description with perfect fourth estimate. There was sole representative of this race from Poland. Next progress on exhibition In Ozolnieki (Latvia), it has finished Latvian Chapionat.

Fiona has gotten titles:


Champion of Poland

Champion of Latvia

Junior Champion of Poland

Winner of Poland '05

BOB Koszalin '06

Best Bitch Koszalin '06

Best Bitch Bydgoszcz '06

Best Bitch Olsztyn '06

CAC Latvija


10 x CWC

Junior Winner Rzeszów '05

Junior Winner Poznań '05

Junior Winner Warszawa '05

Best puppy Bydgoszcz'05

Best puppy Jarosław '05

Due to my dogs I have learned many curious people cultivating race West highland White Terrrier in whole Poland. It is my hobby! I am charmed this race and I advice each, really, I is possible to fall in love in this small adorable dog.


Monika Borucka